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Resdent to najlepszy dentysta i najlepszy stomatolog. Stomatologia Resdent oferuje szeroki zakres usług, a w tym: protetyka, stomatologia zachowawcza, endodoncja. Dobry stomatolog to najlepszy gabinet dentystyczny Resdent.

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The Dental Clinic Resdent offers a full scope of prosthetic treatments which aim at rebuilding of destroyed, broken or lost teeth, restoration of their natural appearance and function, as well as improving the teeth aesthetics. We cooperate only with reliable prosthetic laboratories.

In the prosthetic treatments we use:

  • porcelain crowns,
  • zirconia crowns,
  • composite and porcelain inlay/onlay elements,
  • bridges.

Crown is a tooth covering made of porcelain used when a tooth that is heavily destroyed by dental caries is rebuilt with big fillings that do not give the tooth its anatomic shape and satisfactory aesthetics. Crowns are to be used on dead teeth after the root canal treatment is c carried out (crowns hide the discolorations and strengthen more fragile tissues than in the case of alive tooth). Crown is individually selected and adjusted to the anatomic conditions of the patient. After it is performed the tooth looks naturally, aesthetically and it cannot be distinguished from others.

Bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to  replace the missing tooth or a few teeth. The cracks created as the result of teeth loss cause teeth rotation or their moving to free spaces, which results in malocclusion. Occlusion defects arising out of the teeth loss may be the reason of gum disease and the disease of the temporal-mandibular joint. Bridge is made of the span restoring the functionality and the shape of the lost teeth and the elements that fix it on the pillars, that is on the natural teeth (roots) surrounding in the gap. The fixing elements are crown-root inlays or crowns.

Veneers are thin pieces made of composite or porcelain that are used to cover the unaesthetic labial and facial teeth surfaces. Veneers make it possible to cover vast fillings and the change of the tooth shape. They also enable us to remove teeth discolorations (e.g. after the antibiotic therapy), to elongate or widen the teeth and close the diastema (i.e. the crack between the front teeth). Composite veneers are made by the dentist at the dental clinic or by the technician at the prosthetic laboratory, after the tooth is partially polished and after the impression is taken during the first visit. During the second visit the dentist fixes the veneer with the permanent dental cement.

Inlay and onlay are fillings placed in the tooth crown, used usually in case of the large cavities.  Inlay and onlay are alternative solutions to the fillings made with the traditional methods. They are used inside the tooth, at the place of traditional, composite filling. They enable detailed reconstruction of anatomic shape of the tooth.  Onlay/inlay is made on the basis of the impression taken during the visit at the dental clinic. The prosthetician forms a plaster cast reflecting the situation in the oral cavity, models the inlay, hardens and polishes it. During the next visit the model is placed in the patient's oral cavity.