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Resdent to najlepszy dentysta i najlepszy stomatolog. Stomatologia Resdent oferuje szeroki zakres usług, a w tym: protetyka, stomatologia zachowawcza, endodoncja. Dobry stomatolog to najlepszy gabinet dentystyczny Resdent.

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Paediatric dentistry

Our Dental Clinic offers a full range of dental treatments for children conducted in a friendly environment for the small patients. The dental state of the milk teeth influences the proper growth of the permanent teeth. The dental carier of the milk teeth, as is the case with the permanent teeth, is treated by removal of the diseased tissues and filling in the cavities. Would you believe that a preschool child will willingly go the dentist? Apparently - yes, provided that the first, adaptive visit is properly organised and arranged. The adaptive visit is to familiarise the child with the dentist and make him/her accustomed to the dental chair and equipment. From the psychological perspective such approach enables the child to get accustomed to the new situation in life, that is dental treatment. In order to further encourage the children to visit the dentist we use coloured fillings in the milk teeth. The small patient may choose the colour of the filling himself.

The basic treatments to the young patients include:

  • adaptive visit,
  • filling in the cavity in a milk teeth,
  • individual training how to maintain the hygiene of the oral cavity,
  • prophylaxis.