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Resdent to najlepszy dentysta i najlepszy stomatolog. Stomatologia Resdent oferuje szeroki zakres usług, a w tym: protetyka, stomatologia zachowawcza, endodoncja. Dobry stomatolog to najlepszy gabinet dentystyczny Resdent.

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Preventive dentistry

At the Dental Clinic Resdent the patients may choose from a rich dental care offer, as regards  treatment s of carious lesions. During the medical treatment we use the state-of art light-cured fillings of the renown manufacturers.

We do the following preventive, dental treatments:

  • fillings,
  • reconstructions on the glass fibre composites,
  • composite veneers,
  • treatment of abrasion, attrition and erosion,

Our offer of the preventive, dental treatments is directed both to the adults, youths and children.