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Comfort, Komfort, Yдобство, Comodidad, Kомфорт, コンフォートi, Consolatio, Kényelem

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Resdent to najlepszy dentysta i najlepszy stomatolog. Stomatologia Resdent oferuje szeroki zakres usług, a w tym: protetyka, stomatologia zachowawcza, endodoncja. Dobry stomatolog to najlepszy gabinet dentystyczny Resdent.

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First visit

Planning the medical treatment

The first visit at the Dental Clinic Resdent starts with the detailed examination of the oral cavity. Following this we agree upon the complex and realistic treatment plan. We ask out Patients to fill in the dental history form which provides us with the information on their health condition. Sticking to this procedure secures safety while the medical services are provided.

Digital radiovisiography

We use digital radiovisograph (RVG) which enables us to take dental x-ray of a selected tooth. RVG is used at each stage of treatment, i.e. diagnostics, therapy and control.