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Resdent to najlepszy dentysta i najlepszy stomatolog. Stomatologia Resdent oferuje szeroki zakres usług, a w tym: protetyka, stomatologia zachowawcza, endodoncja. Dobry stomatolog to najlepszy gabinet dentystyczny Resdent.

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Endodontic treatment consists in removing the pulp that is dead or changed by inflammation and  filling in the root canal system of a tooth properly with the dental material.

The toot canal treatment of teeth is used when the pulp of the teeth (commonly referred to as nerve) is infected and there is inflammation there.

The visit at the dental clinic is urgent when the tooth:

  • changes its color for darker than other, healthy teeth,
  • is sensitive while biting, for the changes of temperature and touch,
  • is split or broken,
  • in the vicinity of the tooth there is a blister on the gum that is leaking pus.

Endodontic treatment is conducted under local anaesthetic and thus patients do not need to be afraid of pain. In order to achieve the best results we use high quality endometric equipment, which enable us to take exact measurements of the length of the canal.  Radiovisography (RVG) is carried out at each stage of this medical treatment. We use well-tested techniques of preparing and filling in the root canals and we use only bio compatible materials.