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Periodontal and gum treatment

The Dental Clinic Resdent offers the treatments of the gum disease, periodontal disease and the disease of the oral mucosa. There are three stages of the inflammation gingivitis:

  • Inflammation of the gums – when the dental plaque is not removed daily by teeth brushing and flossing, the bacteria on the plaque generate toxic substances which irritate the gum tissue and make the gums bright red and swollen. It is then that you may notice bleeding during teeth brushing or flossing. At the early stage of the disease the changes can be reversed, since the bone and the connective tissue which keep the teeth are not affected by the disease.
  • Periodontitis – it is caused by the long-term process of the growth of the dental plaque under the gum line. There a gum pocket is created, where fragments of food are stored and the dental plaque is produced, and – with time – the dental calculus arises leading to strong inflammation and gum bleeding. The dental calculus moves down the gums and causes that they do not adhere closely to the teeth. The gums start receding. Proper dental treatment and intensive, in-house hygiene enable us to avoid further destruction.
  • Advanced periodontitis – a long term, chronic and incurable phase of the periodontal disease. It consists in the periodontal bone loss around the teeth, which is caused by bacteria. It is inflammation of the whole parodontium: gums, bones and periodontal ligaments that support the teeth. Tooth loses support and starts wobbling. This may affect occlusion. Sometimes even intensive treatment is ineffective and it is necessary to extract the teeth.

If the disease is diagnosed at its early stage the destruction of the tissues it may be reversible and this is why you need to consult your dentist in case any of the following symptoms are noticed:

  • bright red, swollen or painful gum,
  • gum bleeding during teeth brushing or flossing,
  • the teeth look elongated as a result of gum recession,
  • gum separates from the teeth and a pocket is created,
  • changes in the mutually adjustment of the teeth to one another during biting,
  • the spaces between the teeth and gums are leaking pus,
  • bad breath or unpleasant taste in the mouth.

The gum treatment methods used by us include:

  • removing the dental dental plaque and calculus  - scaling,
  • interlocking and splinting the loosened teeth with the use of fibre glass,
  • removing the diseased epithelium of the tooth pocket,
  • closed curettage – subgingival scaling and root polishing.